Found in 2003 - KunXiang Drawing Services Co. Ltd.

Kunxiang Drawing Services Company was found in 2003. Since its inception we have been committing to providing excellent services with high standard, high quality and at competitive rates. Our clients include Architectural Design Firms, Engineering Consulting Companies, Construction Companies, and they are throughout Hong Kong, Singapore and Canada. We have very good working relation with all of our clients without any complains. We have rich experience and professional quality in the following areas:

A. Building & Construction:

1. Conventional Steel structures and Pre-engineering metal building
       erection drawing, shop drawing, fabrication drawing and B.O.M.;

2. Curtain wall system shop drawing & FB drawing & bill of material;

3. Aluminum works shop drawing & FB drawing & bill of material;

4. Reinforced concrete design drawings;

5. Building Structures design drawings.

B. Building Services and Equipments:

1. Plumping & Drainage design drawing & shop drawing;

2. HVAC design drawing & shop drawing;

3. EL design drawing & shop drawing;

4. FS design drawings & shop drawing.

C. 3D Modeling:

1. BIM (building information model).